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Bringing together heartfelt pieces from South Asian creatives across the world, this zine showcases a mere fraction of what queer love and joy mean and looks like to us.

With words from poets and authors, as well as art from illustrators, designers, and tattoo artists, we are proud to present Pardesi's first-ever zine.

To Love is To Hope:
South Asian Queer Experiences.
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Meet the Team


Alana Gaglio (she/her)


As a queer and multi-ethnic South Asian woman, Alana is interested in the way identities intersect and flow into one another, and the different experiences of community and culture this brings. Acting as editorial director for the zine, she hopes to connect more with these own aspects of her identity & help create a space of much-needed representation and celebration.

Zahra Nawaz (she/they)

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer, illustrator and artist, Zahra uses her design work as a medium to connect with her Pakistani heritage. Bringing SA design sensibilities, from modern to traditional, into her pieces is a constant, focusing on topics within the community and highlighting the experiences of South Asians, making this zine a perfect fit!

Nikita Aashi Chadha (she/they)


Nikita is a writer, poet, and social commentator who advocates for an intersectional lens and approach to be utilized – she is committed to spotlighting the ‘other’, those who are chronically unheard and underrepresented within society. She is particularly interested in the power of creativity, and how it intersects with disability and identity.

Myra Mansoor (she/her)


For Myra, being born in Pakistan and then raised in Britain has shaped her experience of being a queer South Asian woman across different cultures and communities. She hopes to use her editorial and communications experience to help build a space where people of intersecting identities can turn to.

TLITH Unpacked

Our Contributors

This project wouldn't have been a possibility without our network. We asked for submissions through an open call, and our community provided!

Thank you to all our contributors, who moved us with their prose, art, and vulnerability.

Extended Pieces

We were incredibly lucky to receive such beautiful and thought-out submissions. Out of our eleven contributors, three pieces had to be shortened in order to fit the zine's limited size.


We're excited to share these works from Iman Rahman, Sym Kang, and Phiroozeh Petigara in full for the first time here.

TLITH Launch Party

With celebration and joy being at the heart of the zine, it was important for us to create a space to commemorate the first edition's launch - and bring our contributors and team together!

On January 7th, 2023, we officially launched TLITH to the world - and held an intimate party in London for our South Asian queer community with performances, henna, dancing, and a whole lot of love and hope.

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Queer Junglees Phiroozeh Petigara (she/her) All I remember of our first meeting, in a four-minute breakout room at a queer brown event, is your laugh.

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TLITH is an ongoing project at Pardesi. We plan to create further editions of the zine.

Contact the TLITH team for zine-related queries, or requests to collaborate on future editions or events.
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