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Ever wanted to contribute to Pardesi but didn't know where to start? 

As part of our upcoming newsletter release, we're looking for mini-blog submissions for the new "Pardesi Perspectives" section! 


You'll need to provide a short blog-style submission on something which has caught your eye in the last month – whether that be a book, a film, a tv-show, a piece of news, a cultural event, etc! 

It could even be a short piece on a topic you've been particularly interested in during the last month or a personal mini-essay on anything you'd like to share with the Pardesi community

If you've been wanting to write for Pardesi, but weren't sure about committing to a full piece, Pardesi Perspectives is for you!

If you have any further questions or want to check your idea before submitting it, please get in touch.

Pardesi Perspectives Submission Form

Thanks for submitting!​ We'll be in touch if your submission is selected!

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