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The Line Between


Podcast Research Intern

Aini is a second year film student hoping to be a writer/director. Originally Pakistani and brought up in Bradford, she joined Pardesi because she wanted to meet other South Asian women. Being the only South Asian girl on her course, Aini has experienced the challenges that South Asian women face firsthand and wants to learn more about breaking glass ceilings and positive representation in mainstream media.



Ketki is a writer, journalist, and recent graduate with a degree in Classical Studies. Her love for literature, languages, and academia, particularly, antiquity studies that are not Greco-Roman centric led her to her final year research and thesis: a literary comparison between Homer’s Odyssey and the Mahabharata.

As a self-proclaimed internet-pop-culture enthusiast, she co-hosts and co-produces Pardesi’s podcast, ‘The Line Between’, which examines culture, identity, and trends with Gen Z cynicism. She is passionate about written and visual content, believing that storytelling has the power to spark discourse that may inspire generational change in our communities. She has had a multi-cultural upbringing, growing up in India, South Africa, Denmark, America, and now the U.K. Alongside mentioning this in most of her work, Ketki has profiled leading creatives in the arts and culture space, as well as writing articles about fashion, community, film, music, and more.



Aleesa is the Podcast Manager (and co-host) for Pardesi's newly launched visual podcast 'The Line Between'. Currently, she is working as a research assistant for a lab at UCL looking at Parkinson's Disease after finishing her masters from the University of Warwick in 2022.

Originally Pakistani, she grew up all over the world but mostly grew up in Hong Kong and Bahrain. This eclectic upbringing meant that it was always difficult to connect with her south asian roots - which is what got her so involved with Pardesi! Other than science (of course) she loves immersing myself into pop-culture and is hoping that people will really resonate with her perspective on the new podcast.

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