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#Trending (16/08/2020)

With fresh content from the Desi diaspora I'm back with my favorite weekly:

Business: Since I've featured an online desi clothing store in one of our previous #Trending issues, it’s only fair if I suggest a store for accessories too! I present to you Kali Jewelers. Kali Jewelers was created to represent the beauty and resilience of the Desi diasporic identity. Named after the Hindu Goddess, their mission is to make stunning statement pieces that can even be worn with western wear so we can own our diasporic identities in any space.

Here's some of their pieces below:

Tattoo Artist: I know it may seem like a random category - but when I saw Heleenatattos’s work on Instagram, I knew I had to feature her work on #Trending. She’s a 23-year-old tattoo artist and owner of Francis Street Tattoo (based in Leicester, UK) - where she works alongside three other amazing ladies. 

Her tattooing style is based on traditional Indian folk art, Mughal miniatures, floral motifs and traditional South Asian designs. Here's some of her amazing work:

Another reason to support Heleena’s incredible business is that she also uses her platform to speak up about hard-hitting issues. From highlighting the experiences of BIPOC clients being tattooed by white artists, to two-part talks on "cultural appropriation" to making graphics on anti-racism - Heleena's a strong advocate for a number of social issues.

TikTok: We’ve seen influencers mix western wear with ethnic wear. How about an influencer mixing a Korean boy band’s fashion with traditional Desi outfits?

Sruthi Jayadevan, a Malayali influencer, not only reps her heritage on TikTok in her stunning outfits but also meshes them with her love for BTS (also known as Bangtan Boys). Here’s a look back at some of the BTS inspired Desi looks she’s re-created:

She’s also made other amazing Desi-inspired TikTok’s:

That's it for me from this week! Join us again next week for some more #Trending content to come out of the Desi diaspora.

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