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#Trending (09/08/2020)

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Welcome back to #Trending - where every week I look for content that will fuel your thinking, spread information, and entertain! If you haven’t seen any of the previous #Trending posts click on the hyperlink to be transported into a realm that amplifies women’s voices/work across a variety of different content styles.

Without any delay here's my favorite weekly:

Influencer: MARIA THATTIL - if you haven't heard about this Australian-born Indian beauty, fashion, and lifestyle digital content creator then you are truly missing out. Not to mention she was also a Miss Universe Australia Finalist! Although Maria has caught eyes of many reputable brands like Charlotte Tillbury, Giorgio Armani, and even Disney (the list goes on) what truly drew me towards her is that she uses her platform to speak up on important social issues.

She asserts herself as an inclusion advocate and feminist but also meshes her love for her fashion and beauty into her work. Earlier this week she posted a very powerful video on the topic of online sexual harassment - which is so common for, especially women, that it's almost swept under the carpet too quickly. She talks about her experience as an influencer and how online sexual harassment is almost deemed normal because she puts herself out there on her platforms.

Here's the full video below (TW: Sexual Harassment):

Support Group: Do you ever feel the need to vent, but want to do it around like-minded South Asians who will understand your problems? Or are you looking for big sister advice? Why not join "Brown Girls Rising" on Facebook. It's as simple as writing a post (can also be done anonymously) and connecting with women on the platform that will listen to you, support you and make you feel empowered.

The group was founded by Jas Kaur (also known as fit.kaur) who's a certified personal trainer, ambassador for Happy Way and a podcast host for 2AUTHENTIC .

Jas wrote "After almost 27 years, I finally moved out. Over the recent years, I have realised that the way I was brought up and the expectations that were put on me within the punjabi culture are not in line with the choices I need to make in my life to be happy, healthy and free as a woman. I was living a double life, one to please my family and societal expectations and the other is the real me that all my close friends, clients and colleagues know [...]" Click on the post below if you'd like to find out more on how she started the support group.

Brown Girls Rising aims "to support every girl that has had to dim her light in the name of family and culture. One story at a time, we will take back our power."

Here's a submission that was sent into Brown Girls Rising.

Anonymous or not - Brown Girls Rising cares and will look out for you!

TikTok - Now to entertain all of you I thought I'd bring back my favorite weekly TikToks. Aurea Andrades (known as @aureareadykids on TikTok) first caught my eye with her impressive DIY skills.

This TikTok below where she meshes y2k fashion and Desi outfits has got to be my favorite since I've never seen anything like this:

Here's some other amazing content by her:

That's it for me from this week! Join us again next week for some more #Trending content to come out of the Desi Diaspora.

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