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Three (Un)Wise Women

Three (Un) Wise Women is hosted by Sindhura, Teja, and Priya, three best friends who graduated from college in 2020. From May to September this year, they released their first season of their podcast, discussing a wide range of topics from university/college, mental health, family and love life. They decided to create a platform where anything goes - a platform where taboo subjects are discussed with an open mind. The three co-hosts felt they had many shared experiences that no one wanted to speak about, and if they were, they were done in a “superficial way.” In their first episode titled “Class of Covid-19,” they explain that their main reason for the podcast was so others did not feel alone, or “crazy”, and to encourage others to speak about their experiences this year. Having listened to the whole season, episode 2 titled “The Remodeled Minority” stood out the most.

2020 has been eventful. If there is one event that took over the world - it was the Black Lives Matter Movement. Racism has a vast underlying history in the US that continues to take a dominant role in the country. In this episode, the co-hosts debunk the myths that stand behind minorities, questioning why the world is the way it is. What was super interesting was that the episode also encourages the Asian community to support the protests and the Black community. The lack of support from South Asians for the black community is a common issue, and I truly appreciated that the podcast covered this issue because it something that many Asians feel uncomfortable to discuss. I loved how real the co-hosts were and how comfortable they asked questions that many have wanted to ask, but were too anxious to do so; asking what one could do to support as a non-black person and what our role is in the fight for equality.

The episode introduced a new term for me, and maybe others too: “the model minority myth.” The hosts explained it as “a racial-ethnic status in which group members find acceptance from white America, by proving that they are model American citizens.” The hosts, along with their guests, continued their talk with a discussion of the history of Asian immigrants in America, and how difficult life was for them, quoting the American immigration sector that South Asians were “the least desirable race of immigrant.” This part of the episode was extremely educational, with the hosts and their guests discussing the history of immigration and its impact today. Another interesting part of the show was the different races that their hosts were, offering different views of the protests and racism in general. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to their mixed-race guest who spoke about people criticising her for turning against the white population because she supported the Black Lives Matter movement. All the guests offered such open and education views of the protests and racism in America. With Three (Un) Wise Women I love how inclusive the podcast is, their issues are relatable no matter your race. The end of the podcast episode is something that really appeals to me - the hosts ask their guests to give educational resources for their listeners and it was amazing to listen to the variety of sources provided.

The three co-hosts are relatable, loud, fun and entertaining, and I couldn’t be more honoured to write a review of their feel-good, eye-opening podcast. Show them some love by following them on Instagram @theunwisepodcast and of course, by listening to their podcast.

You can listen to their podcast below!


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