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  • Arushi Lohiya

"Most days it wins over me but there are days when I win over it too"- Arushi Lohiya on Fibromyalgia

Lohiya graduated top of her class from Iowa State University with a major in marketing and was a national level sports player. She managed to combine both of her passions and got her dream job in sports marketing, allowing her to accelerate up the corporate ladder as she worked with brands like Coca Cola, ESPN, Kingfisher Beer. She felt as though she was living her dream when Fibromyalgia, or what she calls it “Monster F,” attacked her in 2012. Due to the excruciating pain, she is unable to properly sit, stand for more than 15 minutes, and is forced to spend her days lying down, confined to her bed.

"To support my weak muscles, I tie about 10-15 crepe/ace bandages all over my body. I haven't sat for over eight years now. Fibromyalgia left me disabled both physically and emotionally. "

A slave of my own body,

Don't have any say.

No longer the life of the party,

Fibromyalgia left me astray.

Had to change my personality,

A constant price I pay.

Pain reduced my sociability,

Ambition had to be locked away.

Saddled with this invisible disability,

Gotta keep a  brave front on display.

With limited physical  mobility,

Struggling to get through the day.

Hanging on to the probability,

Faith will not betray.

"While Fibromyalgia turned my life upside down, I have somehow made peace with my current situation and have embarked on a quest to spread awareness about fibromyalgia through my NGO "IF Foundation" (India Fibromyalgia Foundation). I have in fact found my own happiness. Surprisingly Fibromyalgia has given me a huge gift - discovering the poetry in me."

In spite of being the destroyer

Surprisingly, You are also my teacher

Opened my eyes to reality

Brought so much clarity

Separated the fair weather friends

Who come and go like trends

Sometimes strangers stand tall

Even when close relations fall

In spite of my clipped wings

Found happiness in the smallest things

So much still to appreciate

Daily victories to celebrate

You gave me anguish

But also the strength to vanquish

Monster F, you heartless creature

Never thought would call you my teacher

"Most days it wins over me but there are days when I win over it too. F might win the battle but I am sure I will win the war. Until that day I shall continue fighting with my very own weapons of hope, positivity, courage and a big smile."

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