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5 Makeup Artists to Help Up Your Game

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

This week on #Trending we're featuring 5 Makeup Artists who are going LEVEL UP the way you look at makeup.

Monica is the Queen of Neon Makeup. She got into it in her early teen years as a way to boost her confidence. During quarantine she started experimenting with her looks out of boredom and fast forward to today she's hit over 11k+ followers on Instagram and surpassed 3M likes on TikTok. I love Monica's TikTok content because it makes me feel like a big sister is giving me makeup tips, and I love that I'm finally seeing a South Asian claim space for their identity in makeup industry.

Mathu started her page after her two sisters encouraged her to upload her looks on Instagram. Until she went to college where she discovered her passion for makeup, she used to hate it growing up. We love Mathu because she's certified hustler! Whilst being a full-time finance student at Concordia University she took up a marketing course, which propelled her to set goals for her Instagram page, such as posting good content and spreading positivity online. Since then she has collaborated with iconic brands like Loreal Paris, Makeupforever, and Clarins among others, and also been featured in online magazines, like Elle and Infleur.

Rowi is a 26-year-old Australian-born Indian makeup artist. Using her eccentric sense of style melded with her Punjabi heritage she puts her twist into the craft, whether it be by playing around with neon-rimmed looks to creating her vibrant looks inspired by simple things. I love Rowi because her philosophy is based on three things: self-expression, visual storytelling, and proudly representing women of color. Like others, she continues to work with reputable brands and makes viral content, which she posts on her Instagram and her Youtube channel.

At 22 Cas threw herself into the beauty and fashion industry. Like most of us, she often struggled with her identity, especially since she she felt like she didn't have any role models to look up to whilst growing up in Africa and America. In her sophomore year, she decided to stop hiding and began posting her cosplay looks on Instagram. When you look at her Instagram feed you get an automatic and awe-inspiring impression that she's very comfortable in her skin.

Calling all my South Asians looking to get married in Toronto or wanting bridal makeup inspiration! Makeuphouz has you covered with bridal makeup perfected to the tiniest detail. Shareena, the owner of the Makeuphouz, also occasionally branches off to do some of non-wedding related content like "Disney Princesses with a Desi Twist" or "if Coca Cola was a Sari."

That's it for me this week! Join us again next week for some more #Trending content to come out of the diaspora.

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