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4 Must-Follow Desi Accounts to Boss Up for the New Year:

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Art credit: @priyacreate

It’s been a challenging year for all of us, whether it be adapting to the whole working-from-home situation or just powering through daily hurdles. We’re almost at the finish line, so instead of acknowledging the ugly monster in the room (COVID 😒), let’s talk about how to boss up for 2021.

As we become hyper-focused on achieving our goals it becomes slightly easier to neglect some other parts of our life, so let’s take a minute to talk about a couple of things you may or may not want to focus on:

Finance 💰

According to a 2019 UBS Global Wealth Management study “58% of women tend to leave crucial money moves up to their spouses or significant others, which sets them back financially.” The study also highlights this is especially prevalent in women ages 20-34 (ie. a lot of you reading this). I know you have 40,000+ things to deal with and the idea of learning terms like “internalized capitalism” may seem daunting, but there are people who are making personal finance easier to understand.

This is where Boss Betis comes in, a platform created by Aashka Piprottar that focuses on a “community-based approach to achieving financial freedom for brown women.” Boss Betis will not only breakdown financial jargon but also help destigmatize some of the conversations around money.

Fitness 🏃🏽‍♀️

It’s said that the second most popular new year’s resolution after “saving money” is “lose weight or get in shape”, so if your goal for next year is to get fit why not do it whilst supporting the Desi fitness community. But how? By supporting Nisha Patel’s page Breaking Brown.

Breaking Brown was started by Nisha to create a space to represent South Asians in the fitness and wellness industry. All of us have different ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ when it comes to working out, so the page is perfect because it features so many diverse people in the fitness industry that will cater to your preferences.

Health 👩🏽‍⚕️

In the South Asian community women often overlook their health and wellbeing because a lot of them are seen as primary caregivers. Combined with the fact that there are very few adequately explored South Asian female populations for scientific studies, ameliorates how well our health-seeking behaviours are rarely understood.

Frustrated with the lack of conversation around experiences with chronic illness Sukhjeen Kaur founded Chronically Brown. Here's a little bit more about the page below.

Whilst we’re on the topic of health, another page worth mentioning is Brown Girl Therapy. Sahaj Kohli, a writer, and therapist in training, founded the page so that South Asians with hyphenated identities like us could learn more about therapy. Brown Girl Therapy also has a weekly newsletter that has loads of useful resources around mental health.

That's it for me this week! Join us again next week for some more #Trending content to come out of the diaspora. Here are some links below to keep up-to-date with Pardesi:

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