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Mentorship Programme

We launched the Pardesi Mentorship Programme for South Asian women and non binary people in October 2021. 

Representing 10+ industries, from law, design, business to aerospace engineering, we connected women and non binary people from around the world in a 6 month programme aimed at supporting the mentees, encouraging their confidence and building networks.



After 2 successful cycles, we are proud to be launching the third cycle of the Pardesi Mentorship scheme - a collective and community approach to Mentorship. Representing 10+ industries, from law, design, business to creative writing, we connected women and non binary people from around the world in a 6 month programme aimed at supporting the mentees, encouraging their confidence and building networks!

Due to factors such as global dispersion and upbringing in non-South Asian areas, South Asian women and non binary people often feel disconnected from others in their ethnic group. Additionally, systemic racism in industry practices contributes to a lack of visible and accessible role models, further hindering the ability of young South Asian women and non binary people to connect with those in higher positions who could help them advance in their careers. As a result, South Asian women and non binary people often struggle to form support communities with others who share similar goals and experiences.


Our central mission is to support the growth, development and boost the confidence of our community. We seek to do this by creating a mentorship programme solely for South Asian women and non binary people so that we can learn from each other's unique experiences and have guidance from an individual who may understand the barriers we face more than anyone else could.


Follow the steps below to sign up:








NOTE: Applications will close on 03.07.2023!

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  • Is there an application process for mentees?
    There will be a competitive application for mentees. They will have to submit their CVs, their intentions, and career goals so we can accurately appoint them a mentor. They will have the opportunity to indicate a preference for a mentor, but we do not guarantee this assignment. Please ensure that you have read the guidance above and use this link to apply for the program.
  • What does the commitment look like?
    We are asking our mentors to commit to mentoring ONE mentee for one hour per month across a six-month period. (October 2021-March 2022) All sessions should take place virtually to ensure COVID compliance, personal and physical safety. After the 6 months are over, you may opt to extend your relationship, but this will then be outside of our programme and will be a private, personal mentorship relationship.
  • What is the structure of the programme?
    We will be distributing brochures that will have guidelines for topics and questions. We suggest that in your first session, you set an agenda or a structure for the length of the programme. In the first session, identify what your mentee's goals and aspirations are, so that you can shape the experience accordingly.
  • Which industries did the mentors come from?
    With every iteration of the program we have strived to include as many industries as possible. Our last cycle featured mentors from the following industries: Finance and Business, Law, Medicine and Public Health, Politics, Sports, and the Arts (specializations included Fashion, Journalism, Photography, and Film among others).
  • Who can apply for the mentorship program?
    You can apply to be a mentee if you: Identify as a South Asian woman and/or South Asian femme and/or South Asian non-binary person. Are aged between 18 and 25 years old. Are passionate about self-development, specifically personal and professional growth. Are able to dedicate 1 hour per month to virtual meetings with your mentor, setting goals, and working towards them. Seek to join a wider community of like-minded individuals. Are either at the college level or in the beginning-to-early career stage. This program is not suitable for individuals in the early-mid, mid, or late career stages. However, if you are considering a career change, please specify this in your application form.

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