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Pardesi is a digital community which celebrates, empowers and amplifies the voices of South Asian women around the world. We do this through creating a collaborative multimedia space rooted in powerful storytelling and community building. Our ethos is to create a space which has the message of love and acceptance whilst opening up difficult conversations and tackling issues that South Asian women face. We encourage South Asian women to claim our multiple, powerful identities by providing genuine representation and amplifying successes within the community. 


We seek to build a powerful online presence for South Asian Women across the world. We celebrate, empower and amplify the voices of South Asian women worldwide so that we can affect change and create genuine representation. 


Power for the individual woman comes from the power of the collective. At Pardesi everything we do is underpinned by our aim to unite South Asian women around the world, and building a community is at the heart of this. South Asians have traditionally fixated on what divides us more than what unites us. Though we are careful to never present the South Asian female community as a homogenous group, we focus on highlighting values and experiences which we can all connect to, with the hope that this will build a strong collective.


We employ an intersectional approach to our content, ensuring we are creating space for those from all backgrounds to share their voices and be heard. Not only this, we also celebrate the achievements and successes of South Asian women to show the world we are a force to be reckoned with, and not a submissive, powerless stereotype. We challenge the image of South Asian portrayed in mainstream spaces and raise the profiles of South Asian women in underrepresented industries.


We want to encourage people to share their stories and experiences. There is so much power in our own voices and stories and we create a safe space for stories to be shared without judgement. True change comes from sharing our stories with the world. 


There is enough negativity surrounding the South Asian community, created by external voices and also created by our community itself. Pardesi strives to be a safe, POSITIVE space for all and does not support negative energy in our content. 


Join our Community Slack space and connect with South Asian women and non binary people in your local area and around the world! It takes 1 minute to join, and it's free! Click here.


You can find us on instagram, Facebook, Twitter and for the professionals, LinkedIn too! Join over 7000+ existing Pardesi community members and become a part of a global sisterhood dedicated to South Asian female empowerment. 

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Share your writing on a topic of your choice! We have over 60 articles published on a wide variety of topics, including movie reviewsinterviews, personal stories and lifestyle pieces. Almost all people who write for us explore themes of identity, representation, feminism or activism in their work, and use Pardesi to share their voices with the world. We love to receive content for our website and our instagram. You can submit a pitch to us and find out more about the process here


We run a number of events, both virtual and in person throughout the year. From workshops and talks to fun socials, our events are a great way to connect personally with the Pardesi Community. You can find out about our upcoming events here or on our social media. If you have any ideas for an event, or would like to collaborate on an event, get in contact!


We are always looking for collaborations! Whether for press invitations, event collaborations, interviews or anything else, Pardesi is a collaborative space and we love hearing from cultural organisations, brands and individuals! 

Email us!

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